• Applicants who wants to participate  to Turkish Physical Society 32nd International Physics Congress with an oral or poster presentation must be first registered from the web side http://tfd.kongretakibi.com.

  • By using abstract template you should install your presentations from this web side. Click here to download abstract tempalte.

  • If you registered before then there is no need to register again, you can use the old registration informations to register.

  • Please do not send your presentations via email.

Abstracts accepted by scientific comittee (oral presentation/poster ) will be included in congress program which will be announced by organizing comittee.

Due to intensive applications every researcher can submit and present just one report. But it is possible to be involved in more than one report just by name.Applicants must indicate whether their presentation will be oral or poster on the e-registraiton form.

Otherwise it will be accepted as poster representation. Oral presentation applications may be changed into poster representations by scientific comittee.

Oral representations will be restriced with 15 + 5 minutes.Presentation dates and times will be announced in the program. Oral representations must be prepared as MS Powerpoint slideshows on memory sticks or compact discs etc.

For each poster presentation 100cm – 80cm space will be available. Poster representation times also will be announced in congress program.

Oral/poster representations accepted by scientific comittee will be printed in abstracts book. If registration fee is not paid until deadline works will excluded from both congress program and and abstracts book.

During congress, presentations can be made in English. Abstracts of accepted works must also be in English which will be published in “Abstracts Book”.

The articles which accepted by Scientific Comittee to be published in “AIP” must be written in English.



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